Tuesday, April 28, 2009

...just rolling with it

i think that knox says it pretty well here.

of course, it's also her birthday soon.

shortly thereafter someone else is having a birthday. and hot damn, i wish i could make it to the party.

and i just found out that the helio sequence is coming back to buffalo next month. ah, yes. the show last summer rocked my world. it should be another good one.

i think more good news is on its way this week.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

love and poetry

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it's gray and rainy and dreary here. the trees have no leaves and i'm still wearing tights with skirts. i'm behind on so many things and stressed out by all that's on my plate. but there are some things that are still making me smile. here's a list of them:

1. 'mockingbird' by ryan adams -- here is a link to a live version of that song. it's bittersweet in a way that gets me every time.

2. my first sightings of tulips here on my run yesterday -- they were yellow and red.

3. longer days!

4. the prospect of wearing vintage summer dresses soon (like the cute vintage items found here)

5. camping in may!

6. my upcoming trip to italy

for now, i must get back to work... my short-term motivation being that i get to go swimming later.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

that crap you said...

it meant something. to me, at least.

richard buckner put on a good show last night at mohawk place.

he played quite a few songs from "the hill", which was nice. he mixed in a bunch of others, all coming together as if they were connected. the word 'sad' does not do justice to some of his songs. but what can i say: they hit all the right buttons for me last night.

at the end of the show he left part of his song playing, stood up, put his jacket on and confidently walked past all of us in the audience to the door and left. the lights came on and so did some other music. i put my jacket on and headed toward the door. as i walked outside, two other gentlemen were to my right smoking cigarettes and buckner was to my left. for a moment, he seemed boyishly nervous and self-conscious. the two men to the right started walking toward him and said, with thumbs up in the air, "great show!" and he responded with something like "really?". they were right, it was a good show.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dear emily sparks...

winter is slowly coming to a close. i have mixed feelings about it... caught in the middle of some kind of seasonal tug o' war. i long to go cross-country skiing more and bundle up with tea and warm socks, but i want to be outside in the warm sun as well... ah, to be fickle.

right now i am thinking of this poem from the spoon river anthology that was set to music by richard buckner. for a limited you can stream his album 'the hill' here. i recommend it.