Wednesday, April 11, 2007

my favorite sock yarn (sort of)

finally a post about the hand-dyed sock yarn.
let me give you a recap on the vitals:
bare merino wool in fingering weight from knitpicks
procion dye from dharma trading company
i used two colors to make this: turquoise and some crazy red color (i think it was jungle red)

hand dyed yarn, in cake form (half used)

this is half of the yarn cake of this stuff. (the other half is in the sock!)

sock made with hand-dyed yarn 3

and above is the first sock.

i used ann norling's adult basic socks pattern. it's my old faithful for socks. i prefer this kind of heel than a short-row heel.

sock made with hand-dyed yarn 5

i really like the subtle striping that is happening in this yarn.

i have one more skein of this yarn and i think i should come up with a boyish colorway and knit steve another pair of socks.

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