Sunday, January 6, 2008

schuba dooba do

well, it's not 'skuba doooba do' it's more like 'shuba dooba do' (like 'shit' not 'skate'). i kept on pronouncing it like 'skate', but i guess because it's in chicago schuba's tavern is pronounced like the 'sh' sound in 'shit' or 'chicago'.

saw bobby bare jr. there last night - good show. i am a sucker for his tune 'i'll be around' and they did a great job on that one last night. i'm curious to see how his shel silverstein tribute album comes out.
the opening band was great, but i forgot their name. they were this rocking set of four guys from memphis, tennessee. i wonder if anyone out there saw them and remembers who they are????

go bears.

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