Tuesday, March 3, 2009

some non-crabby stuff

that last post was kind of negative sounding. so here goes a post of not-so-negative things. that show featuring the music tapes was, after all, very happy.

1. baking cookies while trying to write a paper is not a good idea. but cookies baking in the oven smell so good and are putting me a in a good zone for finishing up the sections of the paper i was working on earlier. b is right -- good smells are important. and these cookies are for friends, so they are extra-special. i love sharing food with people.

2. the delicious cookie smell is covering up the smell of someone in my house cooking meat last night (i think it was my new upstairs neighbor). i couldn't believe it, but that smell of hamburger meat frying grossed me out last night. even though i have switched to basically being a vegetarian since last october, i never thought i would be the kind of person who would feel unpleasant at the smell of meat cooking. i guess this means my flexitarianism is really taking hold.

3. i went to a new cafe in my neighborhood to work today and it was great. the cafe was perfect for work and i got some writing done. although, for a brief bit of time there was a guy next to me whistling to the music -- i think that might be verboten cafe behavior (don't you?), but whatevs.

4. i kicked that general malaise (GM) in the butt last week. so GM, don't even think about creeping back up in here!

5. i had an awesome workout yesterday. run + swim = good times.

6. the voices of the members of ida are so pretty. here is a lovely clip of them (which is 1 in a series of 4 clips). it's not for people with a short attention span, but it's worth it if you have a little bit of time to kill.

7. got to get back to writing school stuff... i'm starting to sound like my own private motivational speaker here. yuck.

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