Sunday, September 27, 2009

i got my crafty mojo back and finished up some old projects and made a few new things.

here is a medley of what i have finished/made recently:

i make things (and take pictures of them with bad lighting)

the lighting is horrible in these pics, but you get the idea.
-- from top left, we have a mini-skirt from a burda pattern
-- then there is the ripley hat without ripples in malabrigo worsted weight
-- next is a picture of one of the fingerless mitts (also from ysolda)
-- then there is the cowl i made (without a pattern) with some handspun my sister made for me
-- another shot of the fingerless mitts
-- finally there is a picture of my rib and cable socks from interweave knits fall 2005

i've also been busy with school and all of the related school activities. and i am tired.

this week there will likely be some good music shows... but i don't have much time to spend at shows, so i have to make wise choices on who i will see.
monday night -- japandroids with the mt. st. helen vietnam band
thursday night -- the horse's ha (for free!)
friday night -- matt and kim

i missed the sleepy sun show last week... i was way too busy. i also missed the fruit bats and am bummed, but there was just no way i could make that show and get all of the work done that had to get done. i did catch starfucker, which was just so-so. a few weeks back i caught the felice brothers -- which was awesome. go see them!

okay, this is turning into a list of shows i've been to or have missed, which is kind of boring. so i'll get back to work now and leave you with this.