Thursday, December 21, 2006

the first post

after reading countless blogs, especially knitting blogs, i have finally decided to create my own.

here you will find semi-regular rants about my knitting and my life as a grad student. hopefully the rants will be funny and not just full of bitching and moaning.

here the first photo of one of my works in progress. it's a top-down raglan. i'm using this pattern. i'm also using some encore worsted weight yarn. i know that it's not a luxurious yarn, but it's easy to care for and not a big investment. it's been sitting in my stash for a while.

the other work in progress are some gloves for the bf. i found a bag of cheap synthetic yarn at a thirftstore in tucson (it was $1 for countless balls) and i'm using that. it's for biking and he lost his other pair. i'm using this pattern as my inspiration. here's a photo

that's it for now. i need to get back to school work. i know that school is out, but as a grad student school is never out.

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