Friday, December 22, 2006

mr. messy

i really enjoyed reading this new york times article this morning. i can relate to the messy work space, both my desk at school and my work space at home contain many piles. this article, in a way, made me feel like i could embrace my piles and that i shouldn't be so ashamed of the clutter. organization is overrated.

on another note, but surely, not too unrelated (especially after reading this post), let me introduce patty, our dog.

here she is. this photo was probably taken within the last few months. we think she is an australian cattle dog, at least, that is what the SPCA said. she certainly seems to have certain traits of the breed, including a single mask (the black patch covering her right eye... sounds like she's a pirate). she also seems to have merle markings on her fur. regardless, we love her.

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