Sunday, March 4, 2007


it's the end of the weekend and i have a few things to say, but no real pics to post. that will happen later in the week.
i finished the sienna cardigan, sans buttons and i still have to wash it. i need to go on a thrift store search for an old sweater with good buttons or a jar full of them.
i went cross country skiing twice this weekend, but only one time really counts. i went to delaware park the first time with patty by myself. patty threw a fit and just wanted to go back to the car after only a little bit. but this was a good test of my new skis/poles/shoes because the baskets on my poles hadn't been attached very well. that was my own fault.
today we went to hunters creek (see some info here about it). this was our second time there and patty had a blast. it was fun for us too, but next time we have to plan for a longer trip to make it worth it. we're still figuring out the trails.
even after two miles of running through the snow patty isn't tired.

patty on the rug

next time we'll have to bring one of the cameras and snap some skiing shots.

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