Friday, February 23, 2007

getting some seeds started

unfortunately the sienna cardigan does not have sleeves yet. i am working on the sleeve caps, but this hasn't been a good week for knitting.

in other news, i joined the native seeds/SEARCH gardener's network. essentially this means steve and i or perhaps our landlords will test out some of the native seeds/SEARCH seeds to see how they do in the climate here. the gardener's network doesn't offer as many seeds as the regular seed listing, but they still offer quite a few. i am going to try patagonia chiles (capsicum annuum), navajo hubbard squash (cucurbita maxima), tepehuan tomatillos (physalis phildelphica), and blue speckled tepary beans (phaseolus acutifolius). some of these guys, especially the tepary beans might not have a good chance here, but we'll see. that's part of the fun. i started to test germinate the chile seeds last night. since i won't be around this summer (summer fieldwork), i am kind of bummed out about not being able to see what happens, but i'm eager to get the plants started and planted before i leave.

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