Wednesday, October 31, 2007

knitting content

just a quick post... i have been knitting on a gift for a while, so i haven't been able to show pictures of that. luckily, i've finished with that and was able to move on to something else. i wish i had been working on what she was working on, but alas, i'm just not that creative. here is what i did on monday:

jackyll and hide 1

and another crappy shot:

jackyll and hide 2

this is my interpretation of jackyll and hide from knitty. because i was in a time crunch and used what yarn i had, mine ended up being knit out of bulky weight yarn. i used lamb's pride bulky in sandy heather. the mouth and nose (which are dark brown - not black) are made of some unidentified stash yarn that i picked up from a remnant bin a few years ago. i used some of the tips from adrian.

all in all i like it. people at the party last night were amused and my head stayed warm on the walk over to the party (bonus!). a few issues with mine include the mohair content of the yarn (fuzz everywhere, including in your mouth) and i should have gone through with all of adrian's tips because the eyes initially came out wonky. i tried to repair them by adding a crochet edge... not sure if it works.

if i find the time today, i'll have to do take a few better pics of it outside, including a modeled shot. i think it looks quite amusing on.

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PHD Knitter said...

It's called InaDWriMo (International Dissertation Writing Month) and as far as I can tell this link is the origin: Let me know if you join up!