Tuesday, November 6, 2007

to join or not to join

well, i guess that's not really a question since i can't officially join anymore. what i'm talking about is InaDWriMo (International Dissertation Writing Month) (see a post about it here and thanks to PhDknitter for mentioning it). it's part of the whole jumble of 'get-things-done-in-november' activities which have semi-clever acronyms.
regardless of the fact that i can't officially join anymore, i can hopefully use this as a way to get more done this month. it is a crucial month and i have so much to do - finish a presentation for a conference in january, finish a poster for a conference at the end of this month, work on a presentation for my dissertation committee... yikes! i also have a potential journal article that i need to develop further... not to mention the regular dissertation crap -- yowza!
to top it all off, tomorrow at this time i'll be in charlotte, waiting to catch a plane to mexico city. i guess i definitely have to bring my laptop to get some work done while i'm gone. i had this grand idea that i would be traveling around without having to lug around my stupid laptop and whip it out for the security guys at the airport and could go sight-seeing without any guilt of not getting work done. what was i thinking?


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