Saturday, September 6, 2008

music blahs

with catfish's hiatus, i have to find new music on my own. well, i don't have to, but i'm taking this as an opportunity to go out and see bands i've never heard before. this is something i used to do all of the time... but somehow, after moving here i forgot about how much fun that can be. so let's go.

james jackson toth (of the wooden wandd) and the dutchess and the duke played the mohawk place. they were both great, but in different ways.

james jackson toth, pictured below, played solo with an electric guitar. he has this bluesy, country thing going on. he sings in a sultry way, kind of like greg dully, but less, dare i say, sleazy. i dig the sound.

i bought his new album. after my first listen this morning, i think it's really great, especially the first side of the first album. thanks again james for playing a good set and for giving me a deal on the vinyl. i really do owe you a loganberry shake or something.

as for the duchess and the duke, they were entertaining and melodic and all around a good time. maybe the show would have turned out differently if they hadn't been so inebriated, but who knows.

there were only around 20 people at the show, so it made for a real up close and personal time. they also had people in the audience singing and playing percussion with them. it was certainly an interesting experience.

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Steve said...

Wow...he looks pretty rough.