Monday, January 19, 2009

lots of snow

it's been a while since i posted... not that i have a fanbase out there, but this snowy day inspired me to write something and share it.

i was away for a while -- incommunicado for a couple of months, kind of living in a tent. it was nice to get away, but there's nothing like being home, even if it means now i have to deal with all of the regular day-to-day shit that is annoying.

during my travels i went to the calexico kxci fundraiser show in tucson. no pics of that, but it was fun.

back in november i saw elf power with vic chesnutt at club congress. it was a really interesting show. elf power really impressed me. here is the tucson weekly preview of it. here is vic chesnutt on npr -- worth checking out.

back in october (?) i saw okkervil river before leaving buffalo. it was a good show, but i think that eric bachmann's band kind of stole the show.

here are some things that i have been thinking about lately:

-- this post by juliana hatfield really got me. it's about dealing with her dog dying. it's about love and loss. made me miss my girl.

-- i really like this new bon iver song.

-- gotta get in as much cross country skiing as possible these days...

and on that note, that's what i'm going to go do.

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