Sunday, February 15, 2009

found entry 3

"i heard the other day on NPR that it was the start of whaling season off in this distant alaskan town. i thought, what a life -- marking time by such things... the whales are here, the fruit is ready, the sun is gone for good, the turtles are making nests. and then i realized that tonight is a full moon. and i'm a taurus and what does this all really mean except something that you read in a weekly paper. for fun. and amusement.
i just want to tell you what it is i want and what it is that i'm feeling in every little moment i look at you and your skin and your eyes and your neck. and when you list body parts like that it sounds so freaking ridiculous, but those are parts of you. parts of you i look at and lose track of time. because time just happens and in those moments i can't be bothered with the mundane aspects of life, like breathing or rain or socks."

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