Monday, February 9, 2009

three things

1. a little talkie-talk
i feel like my posts have been pretty vacuous lately. they have been something like extended twitter updates or facebook status messages -- little snippets of what's going on in my head at any given moment in time (and even at some undisclosed moment in time in the past, via my "found entry" posts). perhaps it is the case that extended narrative of what's going on with me seems even more self-indulgent than posting little thoughts or curiosities. but i should just give that up because having a blog is pretty freaking self-indulgent. and who is out there reading my blog? (interpret that as your chance to leave me a comment on this post.) you are surely a small voyeuristic bunch. but please don't get me wrong, i like it that you are reading these words. it validates this self-indulgent off-and-on habit of mine.

2. music
on a completely different note, next week i'm going to see antony and the johnsons. i'm excited about it. i hope that they will play a version of beyonce's 'crazy in love'. i can't get enough of their rendition of this song today.
here is a clip of them doing it:

he ends the song by saying, "who says that i'm not a teenage girl?"

3. knitting

and yeah, i'm still knitting, there's just no real photographic evidence of it.
i received a lovely knitted gift for christmas. here is a strange picture of me wearing the shawl/scarf that e made for me out of local handspun yarn:

she also gifted me some of her own handspun. i made a cowl (or neck gaiter) out of it. i just have to sew in the ends on that one and i can start wearing it. maybe a picture of that will be posted here some time in the future. or maybe not.


Jen said...

What a nice gift! I couldn't think of anything better than getting a skein of handspun from a friend!

cko said...

she's actually my sister! and yes, it was a great gift.
nice etsy shop... i might have to check out one of your fiber crafting classes. i have a drop spindle and fiber, but am not skilled at all in spinning.

Catfish Vegas said...


cko said...

howdy back.
what are you doing here? your blog is so much more interesting than mine?! :)