Wednesday, April 8, 2009

that crap you said...

it meant something. to me, at least.

richard buckner put on a good show last night at mohawk place.

he played quite a few songs from "the hill", which was nice. he mixed in a bunch of others, all coming together as if they were connected. the word 'sad' does not do justice to some of his songs. but what can i say: they hit all the right buttons for me last night.

at the end of the show he left part of his song playing, stood up, put his jacket on and confidently walked past all of us in the audience to the door and left. the lights came on and so did some other music. i put my jacket on and headed toward the door. as i walked outside, two other gentlemen were to my right smoking cigarettes and buckner was to my left. for a moment, he seemed boyishly nervous and self-conscious. the two men to the right started walking toward him and said, with thumbs up in the air, "great show!" and he responded with something like "really?". they were right, it was a good show.


Catfish Vegas said...

I'm glad you went and I'm glad you liked the show. Bucker always seems shy and really kind of troubled even by having to perform. But every time I've seen him play it's been great. Did you catch Dr. Dog?
Here's what I've been up to:

cko said...

i'm glad i went too. i agree about buckner's presence at shows. i really wanted to talk to him afterward and say how much i enjoyed the show, how he played some of the songs i really wanted to hear, ask him what he thinks about buffalo... but i was shy too. it's such an awkward thing -- the interaction of musicians and fans/audience members.
i missed dr. dog. bummer. and the golden boots sound so rad, so i'm bummed that i missed them too. oh well. next time.