Monday, February 19, 2007

a new book

steve gave me a book for valentine's day and boy am i happy. here is the book hanging out with my jade plant.

Jade plant with EZ book (no flash)

i'm super excited. i want to make so many things out of here, especially a yoke sweater.

on top of the book is my jade plant. this was started from a cutting (actually it was some bit of a jade plant that had fallen off of the main plant). the cutting was so small, just two small leaves and they fell off once i got roots going on it and planted it. now it seems to be doing better and scheduled for a pot transplant. the pot it is currently in is from a nearby thriftstore. i normally hate glazed pots, but this dragonfly pot has worked out well.

i went cross country skiing on saturday and sunday (two separate trips). we took patty along and she loved it. i had a blast too. i need to find a cheap used set or perhaps a good end-of-the-season deal.

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