Wednesday, February 14, 2007

snowy day

we went out to our valentine's day dinner, just as the storm started. the wind was blowing pretty hard and the flakes were flying. but these weren't your average flakes, they were really frozen tiny little pieces of snow. when we got home, we were glad to be in our warm apartment. we were chilling out on the sofa. i had prepared the hot water bottle and was snuggled up against steve and we were watching law and order and ka-chunk - the power went out. this is actually a pretty common occurrence in our house since it's old and there are three apartments in it. during the winter when the upstairs tenant uses the heater, it can cause part of the power in the house to go out. interestingly enough, during the october storm we had power the whole time. last night, it seems that the transformer blew. right now they're replacing the transformer behind our house and it's still storming away. here are some pics:

power guys at our house 2/07

power guys at our house 2/07

power guys at our house 2/07

those power guys (and gals) are crazy. the guy who has been at the top of the pool taking the transformer off and is now putting the transformer on is quite amazing. he was waving at us at one point.

as for knitting, the sienna cardigan is coming along nicely. i have the back, the two front panels, one sleeve minus the sleeve cap and one sleeve minus a few inches and the sleeve cap. i'm in the home stretch there.

after knitting up part of the second austermann step socks and getting different gauge on the second one, i'm going to rip that one back and try again after sienna is done. i'm also thinking of some other gift projects to keep myself busy.

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