Thursday, August 9, 2007

back in the u.s.

well, i made it back to the u.s. last week and am slowly getting back to work. i was pretty exhausted after my ten week fieldwork trip. lots of data collection and lots of work and that's on top of the daily stress that comes with living in a remote community, of which you are not a member. my flickr family and friends can see some pics from the trip. i haven't uploaded them all, but they will be coming in time.

for now, here is a sock that i was working on before i left. i just picked it up again this last week. it's socks that rock in the downpour colorway.

STR sock

the photo is kind of crap since it's from my parents' camera and i was too lazy to figure out how to chop off the date stamp in an eloquent way...

on a side note, it's not like anyone is reading this blog, but in case you are i want to give props to a blog of some friends - between tuesdays.

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