Thursday, August 16, 2007

pinkish stuff

during the last week or so i've had my eye on these prickly pears by my parents' house in tucson. there are a bunch of ripe fruit on them in the street median near their house and i figured the county won't mind if i go and pick some of them. so i did. i made sure to leave enough for the animals by picking only a few from each cactus. here's what the last few looked like in my trusty bucket.

prickly pear fruit

(forgive the date stamp on the photo - i'm using my parents' camera and i forgot to get rid of that thing!)

then i peeled them and cut them in half in preparation for the blender.

peeled prickly pear fruit

after that i put them in the blender, blended them and strained them.

pureed prickly pear fruit

tomorrow morning i will turn this into a sauce to put on top of the mesquite flour crepes that i will make. yum.

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