Wednesday, August 15, 2007

more of myself

i've been known, on occasion, to watch the oprah show. i hadn't watched it since some time back in april and instead of finishing up some schoolwork i decided to tune in to oprah today. while watching the show today, i finally put it together that something that drives me nuts about oprah is a particular discourse style that she has adopted (most likely within the last 10 years or so). what i'm referring to is the way she talks in this psuedo-therapeutic way. for instance, the general theme for today's repeat show was 'becoming more of yourself', featuring celebrities confessing pivotal moments in their lives that allowed them to find out who they really were. guests even used these technology-based metaphors to talk about their minds - for instance, saying that they had tracks laid when they were young of the relationships in their lives and she figured out how to lay knew tracks to change the pattern of the relationships she was having, i think there was also a comment by Diane Sawyer about reprogramming yourself. this isn't the best example of what i'm trying to say, but i think that oprah has adopted certain metaphors which she uses to describe her life-philosophy and spiritual beliefs which most likely stem from the self-help realm or from psychologists (and her guests seem to follow suit). i also read on wikipedia's entry for oprah that the wall street journal has even coined a term after her style of confessing personal matters publicly as a form of therapy - "Oprahfication".
my big wonder is, has anybody done a linguistic study on the kind of language oprah (or other talk show hosts for that matter) uses, especially the metaphors she uses when she is focusing on topics of "spirit and self"????

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