Wednesday, January 17, 2007

baby stuff

i wanted to take a quick photo to document these guys before they go out to their recipient on saturday.

baby socks and bonnet

these are the better than booties baby socks. you can find the pattern on the website for interweave knits here. the bonnet is sort of my own creation, but it's heavily inspired by a pattern in a Bernat pattern book from 1957. the book number is 57. the book is quite cute, especially the cover where it says "the big book of hand knit fashions for small fry infants and toddlers". i love the use of 'small fry'.

the color on the yarn is hard to see since i used a flash. the sun has been in and out all day today. this is the hand-dyed yarn that steve and i made. here is a photo of the bonnet in action on a nalgene bottle.

baby bonnet

i have to admit that i was inspired by hello yarn's bonnet for this pattern. you can see her bonnet here.

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PHD Knitter said...

I love that sock pattern from Interweave. They look so tiny when you're finished. Did you find yourself getting stabbed with the tiny needles? I think next time I'll use a thimble. I love the bonnet too! It turned out really well.