Thursday, January 4, 2007


have you ever started doing something and then at some point during process realized that you were going nowhere. or perhaps you started something, say, you started knitting a sweater and you were all gung-ho about it and then months, maybe years later you thought, that was a bad idea, what was i thinking? that's what i thought last fall with the previous sweater i started knitting with the encore yarn. during my first year of grad school here, i started knitting this sweater. i had done at least the front and the back, but i was so fast and loose about it that i didn't count rows or any of that fancy stuff. i just kind of knit it and took some measurements. then it sat in my plastic storage tub for years until this fall when i thought - salsipuedes, get out if you can. so i ripped it out and here you go, a finished top-down raglan using this pattern by Pamela Costello.

top-down raglan finished

the whole salsipuedes idea came from this book that i'm reading right now by Thomas Bowen called "Unknown Island: Seri Indians, Europeans, and San Esteban Island in the Gulf of California". the salsipuedes islands are some islands that spanish explorers/missionaries encountered while trying to explore the sea of cortez and they coined them as the salsipuedes islands. these islands are part of the midriff islands that have caused lots of problems for seafarers trying to navigate through that area. i've been reading all about it in this book.


shansays said...

I have been thinking about trying the top down cardi. Did you like the pattern? I have been looking everywhere for a top down pattern, but the yarn I want to use is temperamental. Not quite a bulky, but heavier than DK, so I think doing it myself may be the option.

cko said...

Hi. I really liked the pattern that I used. It's really all about using the yarn you have on the needles you want and working from your gauge and the measurements you take of your body. For that reason, I really liked this pattern. In hindsight, I wish that I had made the raglan portion shorter because the arms are a bit loose compared to the fit of the body.

Good luck!