Monday, January 8, 2007

jazz at the bookstore

steve graciously accompanied me to the free in-store performance by ron sexsmith tonight. i'm not a big fan of the single from his new album, but "jazz at the bookstore" was really good (also on his new album). while at the live performance i spotted a woman knitting. i think she was part of ron's entourage because otherwise i thought it to be out of place to be knitting at a record store live performance thing (right?). she was knitting something blue with big needles. it sort of looked like part of a sweater. i wanted to ask her what she was knitting, but after the singing was over and ron was blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, steve wanted to leave the place.

no knitting photos today, but i finished some baby socks (using this lovely pattern, better than booties baby socks, by Ann Budd) and am working on a baby bonnet from a vintage bernat pattern book. i'm using the yarn that steve and i dyed (the green stuff).

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