Friday, January 26, 2007

what a day

it was pretty cold yesterday. here is what the national weather service has to say about yesterday's weather:


MAXIMUM: 18 at 1236 AM
MINIMUM: 5 at 1159 PM

BUT, that doesn't include the wind chill values. with wind chill, we had single digit temps and potentially negative (fahrenheit!) temps as well.
with "the coldest air of the season" here yesterday (as the NWS likes to say), i decided to drive to school. of course, my car decided to break down, but as i found out, it was under weird circumstances. at the end of the day, i came home with a new radiator, a fully serviced transmission and an oil change. cha-ching.

as for knitting, i am working on the swallowtail shawl with 2-ply shelridge farm laceweight that i got from the destash blog. it's taking a while, but i might post something if i can pin it down properly for it to even be remotely interesting.
i'm almost finished with the back of the sienna cardigan... just a bit more to go on the arm section and then i have to start shaping for the neck. i hope to be around and have enough light to photograph them both tomorrow.

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