Sunday, January 28, 2007

progress report

even though school has started, i have managed to make some progress on stuff. the australian open has been facilitating my knitting.
here is the progress on the sienna cardigan, using knitpicks swish:

Sienna Cardigan back and right front panel, in progress

so far i have the back panel done and am working on the right front panel. here is a better look at the front panel (with no flash):

Sienna Cardigan close up, in progress

i had to make some adjustments to the way i was knitting this since swish shrinks and my gauge was a little off.

here is an update on the swallowtail shawl (do i have to reference it?!):

Swallowtail Shawl, sideways, in progress

as for my austermann step socks, i am having gauge issues on the second sock. the gauge is smaller even though it's being knit with size 0 bamboo needles, just like the first one. the only difference, sock #2 is being knit with shorter DPNs. i think i need to just rip out sock #2 and start over.

that's about it for now. back to work.

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